06 September
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Unpaid Work is a key part of the delivery of Community Payback Orders (CPO) and a key strand of how the West Lothian Community Justice Strategy for 2019-24 is delivering Smart Justice for our communities.

Priorities have been identified that aim to better support communities and offenders in West Lothian through unpaid work elements of CPOs.  These are: Meeting the appropriate demands of the local community; Reducing the risk of poverty and social exclusion; Protecting the built and natural environment; and Reducing the risk of anti-social behavior.

For more information or to take the online survey, please visit

The survey will close on Friday 20 September 2019.

A West Lothian Council spokesperson said: "We would encourage as many local residents as possible to take the Criminal Justice Unpaid Work Placement priority plan survey.

"Your feedback will be used to help will help inform the plan over the next five years, so we would like to hear views from a wide range of West Lothian residents."