02 October
Climate Emergency

A meeting of West Lothian Council approved a motion that states the council recognises that the world is in the midst of a climate emergency which requires urgent and meaningful action at international, national and local level in order to safeguard our planet for future generations. 

The decision will see council officers bring reports to relevant council meetings to discuss a range of climate friendly measures such as reviewing energy efficiency in key council buildings and looking at the potential to promote increased use of electric vehicles both corporately and in the in the local area.

The motion additionally noted the proposal of the Community Planning Partnership to hold a seminar/conference involving members of the community and partners that will look at the subject of climate change.

The meeting agreed that a short-term cross-party group will be established to formulate a way forward which involves the wider public (Citizens' Panel), business and other public bodies and which will report back to the council.

The Chief Executive of West Lothian Council will also write to the First Minister to seek sufficient resources and new powers for local authorities to enable local government to play a full role and to meet its obligations in tackling the climate emergency.

Leader of West Lothian Council, Lawrence Fitzpatrick said: "The council recognises that we are in the midst of a global climate crisis and is committed to continuously increasing our efforts to address this locally.

"West Lothian Council signed the Climate Change Declaration in 2007 and significant work has taken place to date to make West Lothian a more environmentally friendly and sustainable place to live and work. West Lothian Council acknowledges the role that local government has in tackling the global climate emergency and will work with partners and seek further support from the Scottish Government to ensure we can fully meet our obligations and more."