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IMS survey outcome

The outcome of a family survey and pupil engagement regarding the future shape of the instrumental music service is set to be considered.

23 May

West Lothian Council's Education Executive committee will look at the results of the survey at their meeting on Tuesday 29 May 2018, and determine the future model of music tuition in West Lothian. 
The council sent a survey to all families of pupils who receive tuition though the instrumental music service, asking them to carefully consider and discuss the four possible revised models of instrumental music provision set out and mark their preference.
Schools also engaged with all pupils in receipt of instrumental music, asking them to come up with three comments to send to decision makers.
A West Lothian Council spokesperson said: "Thank you to all the young people and their families who took part in the survey and engagement exercise. Your views are important, and will be considered by the members of the Education Executive.
"A budget of £0.5 million was previously approved by the council in February, for a revised model of instrumental music provision which maintains a substantial level of tuition.
"The council is facing estimated budget savings of £65million over the next five years, so it is essential we make savings across the council to allow us to balance our budget. The money we receive from the Scottish Government is significantly less than what we need to cover rising costs for our growing young and older populations in particular.
"We are one of very few local authorities in Scotland, who still offer free instrumental music tuition, with the majority of councils now charging for lessons. Instrumental music is not a statutory service, therefore does not have to be provided by the council, and we do not currently provide tuition in every musical discipline."
A total of 1,790 surveys were issued to families with one or more children in receipt of instrumental music tuition, with 667 returned, giving a response rate of 37%.  There were 658 valid responses, with nine invalid returns. 
The results were:

  • Option 1 - 112            (17% of returns or 6% of eligible families)
  • Option 2 - 56              (9% of returns or 3% of eligible families)
  • Option 3 - 139            (21% of returns or 8% of eligible families)
  • Option 4 - 351            (53% of returns or 20% of eligible families)

The report also sets out an appraisal of the possible impact of the options, as well as the professional recommendation of council officers. 
Analysis on a school cluster level for both the family survey results and pupil engagement comments, as well as details of all the options in the survey, is available as part of the Education Executive paper for 29 May 2018 at COINS 

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