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Help us by reporting potholes

West Lothian road users are being reminded to report any potholes or road defects they come across whilst out on the road.

13 April

During the recent severe weather, West Lothian Council's Roads Maintenance team and partners worked tirelessly to keep the roads safe and secure however the recent conditions across the country have led to deterioration in road surfaces often coming in the form of potholes. 
Potholes form when water gets into the road surface through small cracks and then freezes.  As the water freezes, it expands and forces open the cracks, thus leading to more water ingress. This winter, has seen long periods of 'freeze-thaw' conditions.  As road surfaces get older, cracks start to appear and they become more susceptible to freeze-thaw and more likely to develop potholes.

From the 1 January 2018, West Lothian Council has seen an increase of over 200% in the number of pothole reports in comparison to the same period in the previous three years.  The number of identified pothole defects is also up, seeing an increase of around 65% in February this year in comparison to February last year.

Potholes should be reported online at:    
This ensures that the correct level of information is collected and enabling the team to quickly identify the location.  
For customers who do not have access to the internet, potholes should be reported through the customer service centre on 01506 280000.  
Reports are investigated within five working days and the seriousness of the pothole then determines the target repair time, with the most serious potholes targeted to be made safe within 24 hours.

Executive councillor for the environment, Tom Conn said: "West Lothian has one of the best road networks in the country and we have to thank our teams who worked to keep our roads safe and clear during the recent severe weather. 

"The harsh conditions have contributed to an unprecedented number of potholes being recorded and our teams are continuing to work hard in tackling these incidents. 

"In order to help our teams maintain the high quality of roads in West Lothian we are asking road users to report any road defects they come across online at the Council website or by phoning the Council's customer service centre.  If you don't think a pothole has been reported by others then please report it. Better a pothole is reported multiple times rather than never." 

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