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Changes to alcohol licensing policy

Anyone applying for an alcohol licence in West Lothian is encouraged to check the revised policy beforehand.

06 November
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Following a consultation process, West Lothian Licensing Board has published its revised Statement of Licensing Policy in relation to alcohol licensing in November 2018.

This policy contains a number of changes in relation to occasional licences for temporary alcohol sales at unlicensed premises, as well as a number of other minor changes affecting festive hours and children and young people in licensed premises.

The policy is available to view at .

A West Lothian Licensing Board spokesperson said: "We would recommend that all applicants for licences in West Lothian read the revised policy in advance of applying.  

"There are a number of changes affecting occasional licences in particular, so anyone submitting should make sure they are aware of the changes to prevent their application being delayed or rejected."

The main changes to the policy are in relation to occasional licences which authorise alcohol sales on a temporary basis in unlicensed premises.  These changes are:

•    Revised procedures for applications for occasional licences; 
•    New standard local conditions for occasional licences; 
•    A change in the Board's definition of voluntary organisation in relation to applications for occasional licences; and 
•    The requirement to submit Alcohol Management Plans for all licences involving the sale or consumption of alcohol in outdoor areas or within temporary structures such as marquees.

Otherwise the policy has not been significantly changed other than:  

•    a revised festive hours policy; 
•    revised local conditions for premises admitting children and young persons; and 
•    an increase in the latest hour for children and young persons being allowed in outside drinking areas from 8pm to 9pm. 

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