28 February
Ogilvie Campus

Education Executive agreed to the implementation of secondary stage education following a public consultation.

Responses from the public consultation, public meeting and an independent report by Education Scotland expressed support for the move, which will have clear benefits for the pupils.

Work will now take place to expand the capacity of Ogilvie School Campus to accommodate pupils, ranging from P1 to S6. 

Phase 1 will be completed in August 2019 to allow the current P7 pupils to continue into their S1 education at Ogilvie.

Executive councillor for education David Dodds said: "I am delighted to confirm that secondary education will start at Ogilvie School Campus from August 2019.

"This move has received strong support from school community during the consultation phase.

"We are confident the move will deliver real benefits for Ogilvie School and its pupils, offering continuity for pupils and their families."

The Final Report on the Statutory Consultation is available on