30 May

These items were reported to us on Tuesday and they were removed yesterday. Thank you to those who reported it.

The items have been dumped by a commercial company and include tyres, water cooler, commercial metal cage. 80% of fly tipping in West Lothian is commercial waste.

These types of items have never been accepted at our Recycling Centres. This mess has been dumped illegally because a commercial operator has cut corners to avoid paying for a waste carriers licence. There is no excuse for fly tipping, it's selfish and irresponsible

Commercial businesses are responsible for disposing of their waste legally.  If anyone knows who dumped this, please contact us on 01506 280000.

Both tradespeople and householders are legally responsible for ensuring that they dispose of their waste items legally and safety. Householders are now being encouraged to check that their tradespeople have a valid waste carriers licence before employing them - otherwise householders could end up being fined.