17 June
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The council's Environmental Health and Safer Neighbourhood teams have developed some tips to minimise the number of problems caused to neighbours and possible unexpected expense to home occupiers over the summer.

Historically, there is an increase in sensitive home burglar alarms being triggered over the summer holidays. This is a combination of more people being away on holiday and false alarms which can occur due to flies, wasps, bees etc being trapped inside homes.


  • Leave keys with friends, neighbours or relatives. If left with someone other than an immediate neighbour, make sure neighbours know who to contact if there is a problem
  • If you have a contract with an alarm company please ensure the contact details for the company is visible on the external alarm box, as this is normally the first point of contact to find a key holder
  • Ensure your alarm system has an automatic cut off after a 20 minute period
  • Ensure your alarm system is regularly serviced

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