03 July
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Please be advise that there are a number of parades scheduled to take place in the Polbeth and West Calder area on Saturday 6th July. There will be disruption throughout the day and both the A71 and A704 will be closed between Polbeth Park and the west side of the A71 and A704 junction for much of the day between approx. 10am and 4pm. Police Scotland will facilitate local access and diversions north and south via the B7008 and B792 where possible but residents of West Calder in particular should be aware that access via the A71 be limited and at times closed completely.

Here's an approximate timetable (please note that all times are approximate and subject to circumstances):

•             10:00 - Possible disruption on A71 at Polbeth as participants are dropped off.

•             10:00 - A71 and 704 will be closed as coaches park up. No west bound exit from West Calder. No suitable diversion for HGV and other large vehicles on A704.

•             12:00 - Closures of all side roads along route starting from Polbeth and then heading west. This will be subject to change if road safety requires an earlier closure.

•             12:45 Main parade from Polbeth to West Calder. Duration 2 hours.

•             Local  roads in Polbeth may reopen as parade proceeds through Polbeth and onto West Calder.

•             4pm all roads open and parking restrictions lifted. This will be subject to change if road safety requires a later closure.

For a note of traffic disruption due to parades, visit


There is information online about holding public processions (parades), including the council's role & responsibilities.