19 December
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Council Executive have approved the sale of the site at Allison Gardens to Southvale Homes (Lanark) Limited, an adjoining landowner who approached the council to buy the land.

The council has no proposals for future development on the site, which is currently held on the Housing Revenue Account (HRA). The District Valuer assessed the value of the site at £150,000, and the proceeds of the sale will go back to the HRA. 

Both the Tenants' Panel and Scottish Government were consulted and have given their consent to the proposal sale, subject to the deal being concluded.

Leader of West Lothian Council Lawrence Fitzpatrick said: "It's in the best interests of the council to sell this piece of land to Southvale Homes.

"The land was not required for any future development and the money raised from the sale will provide valuable income to help improve the housing stock in West Lothian."