19 December
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A recent meeting of West Lothian Council's Development Management committee unanimously agreed to continue the application and bring it back to February's Development Management Committee.

The decision was made to allow a report to come back on gas emissions relating to historic shale mining in the area, as well as further investigations into potential subsidence and traffic issues around the site.

Persimmon Homes have applied to build the 48 homes on the 1.55ha greenfield site between Hartwood Road and Burngrange Park, which is allocated for housing in the West Lothian Local Development Plan.

The application resulted in 112 objections, including one from West Calder and Harburn Community Council. The main reasons for objecting included: the impact on traffic and road safety; pressure on local infrastructure such as health, education and cemeteries; concerns of flooding and drainage; and ground stability/subsidence from former mining activities.