19 December
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West Lothian Council's Development Management committee gave Stirling Developments permission for the next six months for a temporary road off Clifton Road from Overshiel to Nethershiel. 

A condition was put in place that gates or other measures are put in place to restrict access to limit the number of vehicles using the road to minimise disruption to local residents.

Haulage business, Basil Baird & Sons Ltd, has operated from Nethershiel Farm for around 60 years, and the implementation of new road infrastructure at Calderwood has affected its historical access from Clifton Road to Nethershiel Farm.

The aim of the temporary road was to avoid commercial vehicles having to use the new access road infrastructure, which will serve an estimated 2,300 news houses and a new primary school as part of the Calderwood development. 

Objections were received that construction traffic for the Calderwood development were also using the temporary road, despite signage and instructions from the developers asking them to use an alternative route off the B7015. This led to an increase in noise and disturbance for Overshiel residents as a result.