Remote landscapes inspire new West Lothian exhibition
The striking scenery of Scotland's North West Coast and isolated places in West Ireland is captured in a stunning new art exhibition at Linlithgow's Burgh Halls.
Recycling Centre changes approved
A reduction in the number of opening hours at West Lothian's Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) will be in place from September 2023.
West Lothian pandemic experience focus for fascinating new art exhibition
The individual experiences of local residents during the Covid-19 is the inspiration for a new exhibition at Linlithgow Burgh Halls gallery.
School catchments updated
Changes are taking place to school catchments in West Lothian.
Special planning guidance adopted for site of historic West Lothian battle
West Lothian Council has issued planning guidance intended for anyone intending to develop land which includes part of the site of the Battle of Linlithgow Bridge.
LED lighting programme saves over £2 million per year
The ambitious programme to change all of West Lothian street lighting to energy efficient LED is nearly complete.
Help with costs - campaign launched
A campaign has been launched in West Lothian to provide local residents with cost of living advice
 Festive buses given green light
West Lothian Council has awarded a number of contracts to support the local commercial bus network during the festive period.
Have your say on budget reduction measures - survey open now
The council will shortly be launching a public consultation on a range of budget measures that aim to reduce spending, alter local services and address the council's budget gap.
New build facility for housing young people
West Lothian Council has approved the location for a new build housing facility for young people.
Council to purchase private homes to help with homelessness
West Lothian Council has approved plans to purchase 30 private properties which will be converted into 60 temporary sharing spaces.
Council consult on future priorities
A consultation on the future priorities of local services has been launched in West Lothian.