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The Town Centre Fund provides an opportunity for prospective projects to apply for a share of funding to go towards enhancing the local community. A significant amount of money is being spent within each council ward area, shared out among local projects. The total Town Centre fund for all of West Lothian this year is £1.826million. Those towns with populations with over 1,000 residents were eligible for funding.  Over £138,000 is being invested in the Livingston South ward:  

Some examples of where the funding has been awarded include: Dedridge: Nigel Rise to the Centre path and Crofthead upgrade.  Murieston/Bankton: Community Garden and Community Noticeboard.  Ladywell: Community Garden and WIFI.  Howden: Howden Local Centre and Milestones part.  Bellsquarry/Adambrae: Village hall upgrade and Bellsquarry Neighbourhood Centre.  Livingston Village/Kirkton: Milestones apart

For a full list of the projects visit: https://coins.westlothian.gov.uk/coins/submissiondocuments.asp?submissionid=43768