07 January
West Lothian baby names

Sophie and Thomas were the most popular baby names in West Lothian last year.  

The most popular boys' names in West Lothian last year were:

  1. Thomas
  2. Oliver
  3. Alfie
  4. Charlie, Leo & Mason (joint 4th)

The most popular girls' names were:

  1. Sophie
  2. Isla & Lucy (joint 2nd)
  3. Ellie, Grace & Olivia (joint 3rd)

Nationally, Jack, Oliver and James remain the top names for boys with Olivia, Emily, Isla and Sophie topping the list for girls.

Wendy Thomas, West Lothian Council's Chief Registrar, said:  "This is a total change to 2018. Lewis was number one in 2018 but didn't even make our top 10 in 2019. Emily was the most popular girls' name in 2018 but wasn't in the top five in 2019.  "We continue to see an influence on the names from popular TV shows such as Peaky Blinders and Game of Thrones, similar to other areas in the UK." 

The council's team registered 1,848 births in 2019 which is a 5.1% increase on 2018.

Wendy added: "We get to meet some lovely parents who are in awe of their new babies when they come in to register the birth. It can be an emotional time as they adjust to the changes of welcoming a new baby in the family and a lot of the time it is the first time they have managed to get out the house since bringing the baby home to the hospital. We often laugh with the families that the days of being able to run out the door have gone with all the things they have to bring with them. We also get to see a lot of beautiful, shiny, new prams."

  • Please note that these details only the names given to babies whose births were registered in the first eleven months of the year.