23 January
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A meeting of West Lothian Council Executive approved the commencement of the statutory procedures to install traffic calming features on the B8020 Niddry Road and U18 Niddry Farm Road, Winchburgh. The meeting additionally approved extending the existing 30mph speed limit on the U18 Niddry Farm Road,Winchburgh.

With ongoing development work in the Winchburgh area there has been concerns raised by the local community in relation to an increase in traffic on certain roads around the village.

The measures will assist with improving driver compliance to the speed limits and will address the speeding concerns that have been raised by members of the public.

The traffic calming works will be joint-funded and delivered by Winchburgh Developments Ltd.

The proposals will see the relocation of the 30mph traffic sign on the U18 Niddry Farm Road and the installation of road humps and a system of street lighting.

A six metre flat top road hump is also proposed on the B8020 Niddry Road to slow vehicle speeds.

Police Scotland and local elected members have been consulted and support these proposals and further statutory consultation will take place which will include the local Community Council and those directly impacted by any works.