27 January
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The new schools - which comprise of a new primary school and two new secondary schools - will provide new education facilities for the town's growing population and West Lothian as a whole.

Winchburgh is one of West Lothian's three Core Development areas which will see a significant number of new homes being built over the next ten years. The proposed schools project includes:


A replacement Holy Family Primary School with initial capacity of two hundred and thirty one pupils to be open by August 2022, this includes a 64 place nursery
A non-denominational secondary school with initial capacity of six hundred and sixty planned to be open by August 2022
A denominational secondary school with initial capacity of six hundred and sixty planned to be open by August 2023
A Shared physical education and community block with sports pitches, car parking , drop off areas, landscaping and facilities management accommodation to be available from August 2022

The secondary school buildings are three storeys and the primary school is two, each is to be finished in a high quality brick with grey window and panel detailing. PV panels and sustainable heating systems will be installed.

The non-denominational school will be accessed from a new entrance at the west end of the site and the two denominational schools and PE block from crossroads at the east end.

The whole site has been designed with a strong landscape setting and good footpath connections will be put in place through and around the site, including links to housing and new pedestrian crossings.

The council's Education Executive has granted permission to formally establish the new non-denominational secondary school  subject to formal public consultation. The school which will be located to the site on the B9080 to the west of Winchburgh village centre and be called Winchburgh Academy. The name of the new denominational school has not yet been agreed.

West Lothian Council is working with its development partner Hub South East Scotland who will lead on the build project on behalf of the council. Morrison Construction (Scotland) will carry out the site design and build work.

Executive councillor for Education, David Dodds, said: "This is an ambitious programme that will deliver three wonderful new schools in Winchburgh. The new schools will educate and nurture generations of local young people, providing them with fantastic new facilities. The new schools will contribute to the positive learning experience and will be hugely beneficial to the young people that attend the schools.

"Granting Planning Permission is a fundamental step in the delivery of these new schools and we're delighted to have reached this stage. We are on schedule to deliver the new schools and I look forward to seeing construction take shape over the months and years ahead.

"We'd like to thank the local community for taking part in the consultation events, so far."

Scott Brown, Projects Director, Hub South East said: "After being entrusted to successfully deliver West Lothian Council's single biggest investment in education to date - the inspiring West Calder High - we're excited to be working in partnership again with the Council and Morrison Construction in Winchburgh.

"Reaching the key milestone of planning approval for the new schools is fantastic. These facilities will not only provide a modern learning estate for pupils and staff, but will be a great asset to the community and we look forward to making these plans a reality.

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