29 January
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The roundabout, which is under the M8 motorway and connects to the A801 northwards to Armadale/Bathgate and southwards to East Whitburn / Blackburn, will be closed for up to five weeks to allow the work to be safely completed.

Both on and off slips of J4 M8 as well as the A801 between Pottishaw Roundabout and the junction with the A705 between Blackburn and East Whitburn will be closed for the duration.

Traffic using the M8 is advised to use either Junction 3A at Starlaw or 4A at Heartlands as an alternative route. Diversions will be in place for local traffic heading north or south along the A801 via either Blackburn or East Whitburn main streets. 

Local access to properties via the A801, such as the J4M8 Business Park, will be maintained from the north only.  

For the duration of this closure, First Bus Service 26 will follow a diversion route which will omit J4M8 Business Park.  To minimize disruption, West Lothian Council will provide a free Demand-Responsive Taxi (DRT) Service to and from J4M8 Business Park and Whitburn Cross where passengers can connect to the 26 for onward travel.  For details of the DRT Service, please visit, 

A West Lothian Council spokesperson said: "The A801 roundabout at Junction 4 M8 requires a full reconstruction, which involves replacing the foundation of the carriageway. 

"The nature and scale of this project means it can only be safely carried out under a road closure.

"It's essential we continue to invest in our roads to ensure they are up to standard and suitable for road users. The estimated value of the works is £670,000 and is part of our continuing capital roads investment being made in West Lothian. 

"We do anticipate that there will be some disruption to the surrounding road network and we would encourage motorists to give extra time for their journeys. We apologise for any inconvenience caused while these essential works are being undertaken."

For more details on the road closure, including a map of the roads affected, please visit 

Frequently asked questions

Why is the roundabout at J4M8 closed between 3 February to 8 March 2020?

  • The road closure is being placed on the roundabout to allow essential full road reconstruction work to be carried out.

Will the works require the full duration of the closure?

  • The contractor has programmed the works for four weeks, which includes weekend working.  A total of five weeks have been allowed in the road closure notice in case the works overrun due to weather or unforeseen circumstance.

Why is this work needed?

  • A site investigation was undertaken on the roundabout last year utilising the traffic management in place during the bridge works carried out by Transport Scotland's contractor, Amey. This investigation found that the continuous potholing that is occurring on the surface of the roundabout is a result of the existing stabilised blaze, which forms the foundation of the carriageway, having failed and requires to be replaced.  In addition, the existing road construction depth was found to be significantly less than the 350mm depth that current design guidelines require for the type of vehicle loading that is now experienced on this roundabout.

What does this work involve?

  • Due to the problems found, it is necessary to excavate to a depth of 1.08m to remove the failed stabilised blaze and reconstruct to carriageway to a suitable depth.

Why do the works need to be carried out under a road closure?

  • Due to the depth of excavation required, it is not practicable to provide traffic management that would allow the routes to remain open for the duration of the work, or work during the night and reopen the road safely during the day.  The only safe option is to carry out the works under a road closure, which will allow the works to be completed quicker due the contractor having full control of the site.

Could the works be carried out under a road closure at the weekends only?

  • Based on the contractor's four week programme, we estimate that it would take 14 weekends to complete the work only and increase the cost of the project by 25%. The extended period of disruption to traffic  in the area and additional costs means this is not a viable option.

Why can't measures be put in place as previously for works to proceed without total closure?

  • Previous works only involved the resurfacing of the roundabout which can be managed within lane closure. A full reconstruction project requires a road closure.

Is there no alternative solution that could be put in place for the works?

  • The condition of the road means it is essential a full reconstruction work is carried out soon. There are no other practicable alternative arrangements that would ensure the works are progressed safely and timeously.

Will this road closure affect public bus services?

  • There will be some disruption to bus services throughout this closure.  For details please visit, .

Will this road closure affect school bus service?