11 March
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The changes are being introduced to ensure all 14 council libraries can remain open in the communities they serve.

The changes come into effect from Monday 30 March, and will see opening hours reduced, with some libraries closing one day per week and others libraries introducing self-service times.  

Local residents are advised to check their local libraries opening hours in advance of any visits from Monday 30 March at  

A West Lothian Council spokesperson said: "We would encourage West Lothian library users to make sure that are aware of any changes at their local library in advance of Monday 30 March.

"All 14 of West Lothian's libraries will remain open to serve the communities where they are based, with changes in opening hours and introducing self-service days enabling us to find the savings we need to balance our books. 

"Self-service already accounts for 67% of library transactions, so the majority of customers are already using this method to access our stock. Customers are advised to make sure they bring along their library card on self-service days.

"Customers are advised to make sure they are a library member and own a library card. If you have lost your card, a replacement card can be picked up from your local library free of charge before 30 March."

The changes are part of a range of measures aimed at bridging the council's estimated £31 million budget gap over the next three years, with £121 million of savings already delivered since 2007.

More information on the changes is available at