06 May
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There are a large number of paths in West Lothian which are shared between cyclists and pedestrians, which are being used more for exercise since the coronavirus restrictions came into place.

All parties should act responsibly in these shared areas to ensure they can be enjoyed by all, and try and to be courteous to all users. 

For example, cyclists should reduce their speed according to the conditions and take special care at junctions. Pedestrians should keep to the appropriate side of the path when it is divided, and ensure dogs are kept in a short leash.

More useful advice on responsible behaviour on shared paths is available at:
SUSTRANS shared path advice (opens new window)

The Highway Code also features useful guidance for responsible cycling at Highway Code rules for cyclists (opens new window)

A limited number of paths are also bridleways, which means they can be shared with horses. In this case, horses should trot, not gallop, on shared paths, and other users should take appropriate steps as detailed above to be considerate to horses and their riders.