24 June
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The names of new denominational and non-denominational high schools for Winchburgh and new non-denominational primary school at Calderwood, East Calder were considered and determined at the meeting on Tuesday 23 June.

Following feedback from relevant stakeholders, the meeting decided upon the following names for the schools:  

The denominational high school is to be named as Sinclair Academy dedicated to the Venerable Margaret Sinclair who served as a nun in the early 20th century and was declared "Venerable" by Pope Paul VI on 6 February 1978.

The non-denominational high school will be named Winchburgh Academy.

The primary school is to be known as Calderwood Primary School.

Between September 2019 and January 2020 formal public consultation was undertaken in relation to the establishment, location and catchment area for new denominational and non-denominational secondary schools at Winchburgh and non-denominational primary school at Calderwood, East Calder.

Alongside the consultation phase, relevant stakeholders were also given opportunities to gather views and to consider the potential name of their respective new school before recommendations were compiled for Education Executive to make its decision. 

The final names for each school followed the recommended naming suggestions from consultees and stakeholders.

Executive councillor for education, David Dodds said: "I'd like to thank everyone who took part and contributed to the discussion on the naming of the news schools. The schools will be at the heart of brand new and expanded communities in Winchburgh and Calderwood. Development work is underway and we're all looking forward to seeing the positive impact that Winchburgh Academy, Sinclair Academy and Calderwood Primary school will make in their respective areas."