26 June
Ogilvie Campus entrance picture


The introduction of S2 education at Ogilvie School Campus has been given the green light by West Lothian Council's Education Executive today (Tuesday 23 June).  The move comes following a period of consultation.

The change will continue the process of introducing secondary stage education at Ogilvie, creating an all-through (5-18) education establishment. The announcement comes as the next phase of construction work to extend Ogilvie School Campus is due to begin next week.  The next phase includes a three class extension and internal alterations to provide additional capacity for the secondary phase pupils.  The council's £2.8million investment is due to be completed early in 2021.

An Education Scotland report on the proposals was prepared by Her Majesty's Inspectors of Education (HM Inspectors) to provide independent and impartial consideration of the council's proposal.  They concluded that overall, "there is a strong case for the council to move to establish the provision of education for S2 pupils at Ogilvie. The proposal is clearly based on the educational benefits for the pupils and their families".    Ogilvie School Campus provides education for pupils with severe and complex needs.

David Dodds, Executive councillor for Education said: "The introduction of S2 education at Ogilvie will allow seamless progression through secondary education within an environment that fully supports the individual needs of the pupil and continues to offer opportunity to achieve across all curricular areas."

The introduction of S2 education will now commence this August. Moving forward, the council's vision is to introduce all secondary stages of secondary education within Ogilvie on a phased basis, ensuring all S1-S6 secondary stage cohorts by August 2024.  

For more information, please visit Proposal to Introduce S2 Stage Education at Ogilvie School Campus