03 July
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Executive councillor for the environment, Tom Conn said "Altering the timings of these busy crossings removes the need for pedestrians to physically push the button on the touch panels and therefore helps minimise the risk of Covid 19 transfer. It is not possible to do this on every set of signals but by doing it on some our mostly heavily used crossings it will reduce the need for contact and help to limit the spread of the virus in some of our busiest communities."



The crossings being altered are:

  • Armadale Cross
  • Whitburn Cross
  • North/South Bridge in Bathgate
  • A89/Whitburn Road junction in Bathgate
  • Bathgate Academy/A89 junction
  • Greendykes Road/A899 junction in Broxburn
  • Almondvale Avenue in Livingston

The package of measures detailed above is one of nine to take place after West Lothian Council successfully bid for £600,000 of funding from the Spaces for People programme administered by SUSTRANS.

The national programme, offers funding and support to Local Authorities to make it safer for people who choose to walk, cycle or wheel for essential trips and exercise during Covid-19.

Details on the nine packages that made up West Lothian's submission can be found below:


Spaces for People - Bid Submission details

Package 1 - Localised footway widening at pinch points/parking suspension

  • Oliphants Bakery, High Street, Linlithgow
  • Tesco Express, East Main Street, East Calder
  • Opposite Smithy Brae, Kirknewton
  • Bank Street and Main Street, Mid Calder
  • A71 north side shops, West Calder
  • Back Station Road, Linlithgow
  • Station Road, Kirknewton (incl. footway and cycleway widening)

Package 2 - Loaning Parking and on street parking suspension

  • East Loanings, between St. Michael's Wynd and the 4 Mary's Pub, and West Loanings, between Lion Well Wynd and New Well Wynd, Linlithgow
  • Opposite Mill Road, on West Main Street, Armadale

Package 3 - Introduction of walker / cycle friendly zones on rural roads (reduced speed limits to 40mph)

  • Bathgate Hills (includes Linlithgow, Broxburn, Uphall, Ecclesmachan, Dechmont, Bridgend)
  • Faucheldean area (included limited traffic calming)
  • Niddry Road area, Winchburgh
  • Harburn area (includes West Calder, Harburn, Brucefield)
  • Bonnytoun Farm Road, at Oracle, Linlithgow

Package 4 - Advisory/temporary cycle lanes

  • East Main Street (Kilpunt roundabout westwards), Broxburn
  • Edinburgh Road & St.Ninian's Road, Linlithgow
  • Advisory cycle lanes on distributor roads, Livingston
  • Advisory cycle lanes, Blackridge

Package 5 - Introduce temporary 20mph areas within towns and villages

  • All urban and rural towns

Package 6 - Introduce temporary physical distancing signage

  • Six urban towns
  • Twenty-four rural towns
  • Livingston
  • Bus stop locations in West Lothian

Package 7 - Strategic clearance works to widen footpaths and cycle tracks

  • Clearance work on the strategic network including NCR75 and other areas to improve accessibility and ensure safety
  • Nellburn Path - Lochshot, Livingston

Package 8 - Public Transport - physical distancing measures at bus stops

  • Layby bus stops, Linlithgow (4no.)
  • South Bridge Street outside St David's House, Bathgate (1no.)
  • King Street, stops at old train station, Bathgate (3no.)
  • East Main Street outside Scotmid, Broxburn (1no.)
  • Eastbound at the CIS Centre, Whitburn Cross (1no.)
  • Outside the Post Office, West Calder (1no.)
  • Tesco Distribution Centre A89, rural Bathgate (1no.)
  • Main Street in Kirknewton (1no.)

Package 9 - Introduce pedestrian phases at controlled crossing points

Installing a permanent (24/7) pedestrian phase to controlled pedestrian crossing points to prevent individuals touching existing push buttons at :

  • Armadale Cross
  • Whitburn Cross
  • North/South Bridge in Bathgate
  • A89/Whitburn Road junction in Bathgate
  • Bathgate Academy/A89 junction
  • Greendykes Road/A899 junction in Broxburn