14 July
Geology wall

Mr and Mrs Gibbs have donated 103 acres of young woodland near their Cathlawhill Farm in the Bathgate Hills to the people of West Lothian.

The land, which is adjacent to council-owned land at Beecraigs, Witch Craig and the Korean War Memorial, will be integrated into the management of Beecraigs Country Park. 

The woodland are already well-used by the public and contain the historic Refuge Stone local landmark, a Geological Wall featuring all the types of rock found in the area, with panoramic views over the surrounding countryside.

Leader of West Lothian Council Lawrence Fitzpatrick said: "I would like to thank Mr and Mrs Gibbs for their generous gift. The council will now be the guardians of this beautiful woodland area for the benefit of everyone in West Lothian.

"The addition of a younger woodland area of mixed woodland, which has been nurtured as a wildlife habitat and area for quiet recreation by the Gibbs over the last two decades, adds a different aspect to the country park. 

"We hope this gift of this scenic woodland will allow us to make further improvement to the amenities in the Bathgate Hills such as improving the path network between Beecraigs, the Korean War Memorial, and the ancient burial site Cairnpapple, which is owned by Historic Environment Scotland.

"The area will provide valuable greenspace for local residents and wildlife to enjoy, which is especially important at this time for both physical and mental wellbeing."

It is hoped to have a small event at the woodland in the future to mark the addition to Beecraigs.