08 September
Hochsauerland Brae

For nearly 50 years, West Lothian residents have been visiting Hochsauerland and vice versa, to promote cultural and education links between the two areas.
The covid-19 outbreak means it is not possible for the usual exchange visits to take part this year, so a different approach was taken to keep connections going between the areas at this time.
Chair of the West Lothian Twinning Association Liz Liddell explained: "We were delighted to receive a special picture from our friends on the Hochsauerland Twinning Association.
"They went to West Lothian Platz in Arnsberg with banners to send their greetings and best wishes over to everyone at West Lothian at this time.
"Everyone thought this was a fabulous idea, so association members went to Hochsauerland Brae in Livingston to arrange our own picture to send back."
West Lothian's Provost Tom Kerr added: "It was fantastic idea for the twinning associations to swap pictures to help maintain links and boost spirits.
"I was pleased to take part and we look forward to catching up with our friends in Hochsauerland in the future."

West Lothian Platz