11 September
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The introduction of new temporary speed limits has commenced with temporary 20mph speed limit signage being erected in towns and villages across West Lothian.  At the time of publication, there have been around 200 small 20mph repeater speed limit signs erected in towns and villages and the larger 30mph terminal speed limit signage will also be changed to 20mph. 


Whilst the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order for these works came into force on the 16 of July, due to the scale of these works including the manufacture and delivery times of the signage, enforcement will not commence until the speed limit terminal signage is complete.  It is envisaged that this element of the Spaces for People programme will be completed by the 18th September.  Police Scotland have been advised of this.


The temporary 40mph speed limit signage on the Bathgate Hills to Winchburgh area, Bonnytoun Road in Linlithgow and the Harburn rural road area will then follow on.  These works involve reducing the de-restricted speed limits on the rural road network in these areas to a temporary speed limit of 40mph.  These measures will provide reduced vehicle speeds on these rural country roads providing a safer environment for all users.   


The vegetation clearance works on existing cyclepaths and footways has commenced and work has been completed on the areas of offending foliage on the National Cycle Route 75.   This work has seen the cyclepath widths cleared of overhanging foliage which have provided maximum width for users to pass each other.  Our contractor will be moving onto public cyclepaths and footpaths that have been identified and these works should be completed in the next two-week period. 


Physical distancing signage in towns and villages has also commenced last week.  These signs and banners will assist in reminding people of the importance of social distancing on public footways.  The towns completed to date are Addiewell, Stoneyburn, Bents, Fauldhouse, West Calder, Breich, Polbeth, Mid Calder, East Calder and Kirknewton.


A programme of delivery is currently being developed for the introduction of physical distancing measures at some of the more heavily used bus stops and narrow footways within towns. These improvements will make it easier for the public to socially distance at bus stops and pinch points.