13 January
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Freezing rain landing on already frozen surfaces can turn to ice immediately on impact, creating slip hazards.
Gritting will take place this afternoon and through this evening. Our duty officers will be monitoring conditions throughout the remainder of today and overnight, taking appropriate actions to treat and plough the primary carriageways as required. Our footway tractors will be out from 5am tomorrow morning.
Anyone who needs to travel for essential reasons is advised to check the conditions in advance and take additional care during their journey.

FAQs below:

Q. Are you refilling grit bins?

A. Our teams are refilling all public grit bins but we have over 2,500, and it takes time. This is clearly very challenging but significant progress is expected over the next couple of days, although it won't be possible to replenish all 2,500 by then. Over the past few days the milder weather and subsequent thaw has allowed us to direct some of our resources to re-filling more grit bins. 

If you are using a grit bin, please only take what you need. If you see any commercial businesses taking grit, please let us know. We are aware of several incidents where grit bins have been emptied almost immediately.

Q. When I drive behind a gritter, they aren't always spreading grit/salt. Why is that?

A. Each gritter has an allocated route to ensure the network is treated as efficiently as possible. A gritter may be tasked with spreading salt on a route in Livingston therefore doesn't start spreading until it reaches that location. Another reason is that a gritter may have used all its salt and is heading back to the depot for a refill.

Q. If I see a gritter that is not moving, why is that?

A. Drivers need to have a break from driving - it's the law. If one of our gritters hasn't moved in a while, this could be the reason why. Alternatively the vehicle may have broken down and is awaiting recovery.

Q. Why do gritter vehicles spend so much time in and around Bathgate?

A. Our depot is in Bathgate so all gritters need to set off from Bathgate, return to re-fuel, load up with more grit and change drivers. Therefore they are in and out of Bathgate, a lot.

Q. Why aren't you gritting housing estates?

A. The council doesn't have the resources to treat all roads simultaneously therefore we need to prioritise. Housing estates are secondary level 2 routes treated on a reactive basis only during normal working hours. These routes will only be treated when the higher priority routes are deemed to be in a satisfactory condition.

Q. What about railway station car parks and other private car parks?

A. The council don't treat private car parks.

Q. Can I collect grit from any other location? 

A. Due to the ongoing freezing conditions salt piles are being made available to residents on a self-help basis at the following strategic locations: 

  • Xcite Centre, McGinley Way, Linlithgow
  • Xcite Centre, Church Street, Broxburn
  • Livingston North Train Station (South Car Park)
  • Livingston South Train Station Car Park
  • Xcite Centre, Craigswood, Livingston
  • West Calder Business Centre, Dickson Street
  • Blackburn Partnership Centre, Ash Grove
  • Xcite Centre, Jubilee Road, Whitburn
  • Xcite Centre, Torphichen Road, Bathgate
  • Xcite Centre, North Street, Armadale

Thank you and stay safe everyone.