21 January
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On the 17 November 2020, a meeting of West Lothian Council Executive approved changes to the current Allocations Policy following a review and an extensive consultation process with common housing register applicants, council tenants and partner agencies. 

The key changes are to the points framework with a greater focus on awarding priority to those assessed in urgent housing need.

There are also changes for applicants who are homeless, who under the new policy will be awarded points and will be required to choose a minimum of three ward areas to be rehoused.  The changes will be put in place from March 2021. It is important to note that no housing applicant will be awarded less points.

The council has started its review of the current housing list and will be in touch with housing applicants regarding their new points awards, and any changes required to reflect the new policy.  

Executive councillor for services for the community, George Paul said: "The review of the current Housing Allocation Policy established the need to shift from the current position to a housing options approach. The consultation process has established that there is positive support for all the proposed changes to enable a shift to homeless prevention and housing options approach to ensure that council housing is allocated to those with the highest housing need. The changes in the revised Housing Allocation Policy will meet the local needs of the people of West Lothian as well as continue to meet legislative and good practice guidance and promote sustainability."