01 February
Museum loan box

The council's Museums Service have been awarded a Covid-19 Museum Development Fund grant of £7562 from Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) to help deliver online school outreach sessions following a successful pilot scheme.

Called Re-engaging Our Schools, the funds will enable the service to develop and fit out nine new covid-safe museum loan boxes featuring historical items for use by schools and purchase microphones for use in virtual school sessions. 

A series of films to complement the loan boxes will also be produced, which will be accessible via GLOW for both in-school and home learning.

Executive councillor for culture and leisure Dave King said: "The Re-engaging Our Schools project will build upon our school pilot project, and ensure that we are able to offer West Lothian's schools a high-quality museum service throughout the pandemic and into the future.

"Thanks to our dedicated Museums Service team for developing the project and Museums Galleries Scotland for their invaluable support.

"I'm sure many pupils will benefit from the project's approach to helping learn about history in a modern and engaging way."

Lucy Casot, CEO of Museums Galleries Scotland said: "We are delighted to support West Lothian Museum Service to engage with schools during the pandemic. They have risen to the challenge of creating fun and tangible ways for younger audiences to remotely enjoy historic collections. 

"The doors of West Lothian museums may currently be shut, but engaging children remains a key priority for the service and we are pleased that the COVID-19 Museum Development Fund can support the hard-working team."

For more information on the council's Museum Service and other services related to preserving the area's fascinating past, please visit Museums and Archives Service