01 March
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The new Inclusion and Support Service will take a holistic approach to early intervention and support for young people and their families when it launches in April 2021.

The new service will ensure an integrated approach from early years through all school stages, and has been created with extensive multi-agency engagement with practitioners, service users, education and social policy.

It aims to improve outcomes for young children and their families by addressing issues at an early stage.

Executive councillor for social policy Angela Doran-Timson said: "I'm delighted that the new Inclusion and Support Service will launch in April this year, focusing on early intervention and support for children and their families, in home and school. 

"We believe that bringing together specialist knowledge from Education and Social Policy will allow the team to look at the needs of child within the whole family, in school and in their local community. This will allow us to intervene early and address any issues, helping deliver better long-term outcomes for children and young people in West Lothian.

"The new service will make a positive difference to the lives of many West Lothian families, and I would like to commend all the team who have put so much work into getting this important project up and running."