22 March

The CONSUL participation tool is a platform designed to increase opportunities for people to take part in democratic decision-making processes such as West Lothian Community Choices.

With Coronavirus restrictions set to limit the number of opportunities to physically interact with services, it is hoped that CONSUL will help bridge the gap by enabling members of the community to get involved digitally form their own homes.

To ensure you are able to participate in future discussions around Community Choices and won't miss out on voting opportunities then it is important to make sure you are registered with the Scottish Government's MyAccount service.

To do this visit the MyWestLothian section of the West Lothian Council Website where you will find instructions on how to register. (Community Choices - Register (opens new window))

Please note if you have already registered for MyAccount/MyWestLothian for another service then you can use the same details to interact with CONSUL once the platform is up and running.

Fore more information on West Lothian Community Choices please visit the West Lothian Council website.