19 May
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Education Executive agreed to bring back the week off in February 2022, which was previously shortened to a long weekend after feedback from parents.
The new calendar will allow parents and carers to plan for childcare and holidays from next year, as well as ensuring all pupils receive the statutory 190 teaching days per year.
Executive councillor for education David Dodds said: "We have consulted widely over the holiday dates for the 2022/23, and believe this represents the best possible option for as many people as possible.
"Whilst it is not possible to suit everyone, re-instating the February week brings us in line with more of our neighbouring councils and reflects a number of parent council requests."
Pupils will return to school on Tuesday 16 August 2022, before breaking on Thursday 15 September for a long weekend. School resumes for pupils on Wednesday 21 September, stopping for the October holidays on Friday 7 October. 
Schools will welcome pupils back in from Wednesday 19 October until the break for the Christmas holidays on Friday 23 December.
Pupils are back in school on Monday 9 January 2023 until Friday 10 February.  They return to school on Tuesday 21 February until the Easter break starts on Friday 31 March.
Schools resume on Monday 17 April, until Friday 28 April. Schools start back on Wednesday 3 May will be closed on one further day, which is Monday 22 May for most of West Lothian, except Bathgate schools, which are closed on Monday 5 June, and Linlithgow schools, which are closed on Tuesday 13 June.
Schools then break for the summer holidays on Friday 30 June 2023. 
In-service days for staff will take place on Monday 15 August, Tuesday 20 September and Tuesday 18 October in 2022, and Monday 20 February and Tuesday 2 May in 2023.
For more details, please visit Schools, Early Learning and Childcare Terms and Holidays