04 June
Armadale PC 1

The site is an Asymptomatic Test Site (ATS) - for those who don't have Covid-19 symptoms. The testing centre will be operated and staffed by West Lothian Council.

The ATS in Armadale will be opened daily from 9.30am until 4.30pm.   Residents don't have to book an appointment. It's a walk-in service available for everyone without symptoms who lives or works in West Lothian. Residents who live out with the Armadale area can travel to attend the testing site at the Partnership Centre.

The aim of an ATS is to help stop the spread of the virus locally - so it's really important that as many people as possible come along and get tested. Most new cases are people who have the infection but show no symptoms and can pass it on, unknowingly, to others. In the past, many of these people would not have been tested, and the disease would have continued to spread.

The new cases identified through testing do not necessarily mean that the situation is getting worse, but are instead reflective of the ongoing work that is being done to control the virus, including the increased amount of testing being undertaken for people both with and without symptoms.

The ATS at Linlithgow Burgh Halls has now closed. Further sites will open in the weeks and months ahead and will be publicised in advance.

Graeme Struthers, Depute Chief Executive of West Lothian Council said: "Thank you to all those that attended the test centre at the Burgh Halls. The test is a very quick and easy process, and having had a test myself the service provided by the staff is excellent.

"As we have said, it's our intention to have test centres located across West Lothian over the coming weeks and months.

"Everyone hopes that the numbers of COVID-19 cases continues to fall but it's likely that all areas of West Lothian will continue to be impacted by the virus for the foreseeable future. It's important that we all do what we can to help reduce the spread of the virus.

"For those that return a positive test, it will allow them to self-isolate and help prevent the spread of the virus.

"Testing will help to identify those without symptoms and help to reduce the chances of those individuals passing on the virus unknowingly."

Leader of West Lothian Council Lawrence Fitzpatrick added: "Asymptomatic testing is an important part of the process to help reduce incidents of COVID and I'd encourage as many people as possible to attend our centres to take part in regular testing. Everyone that has attended our centres in Linlithgow, Livingston and Bathgate has played their part and we thank them for taking the time to get tested.

"As always, please stick to the guidance and should you experience COVID symptoms, self-isolate and book a test."

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