23 June
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The council's Community Safety and Strategy identifies the need for a road casualty reduction programme utilising recognised accident investigation and prevention techniques.

The current casualty reduction programme commenced in 2007/2008 and since a total of 91 schemes have be completed. It's too early to assess the results of all these schemes on casualty reduction however full monitoring (more than 36 months of after data) has now been carried out for the schemes introduced from 2007/8 - 2016/17. The results continue to be very encouraging and indicate an overall reduction in accidents at treated sites.

Council officers have identified 'sites for concern' for the 2021/22 programme and around 15 schemes will be introduced to the overall programme this year.

Executive councillor for the Environment Tom Conn said: "The reduction scheme programme is the council's main opportunity to make a significant impact in reducing casualty reductions and this is backed up by national research and local results. It's important that we do what we can do make our roads safer and I'm delighted to be able to approve the list of projects. Evidence shows that our work does have a positive impact on road and pedestrian safety.

"We appreciate many people have opinions on what they believe should be a priority but it would not be appropriate to invest funding in locations where there is a perception that a location is considered unsafe when there is no data or evidence to confirm this is the case.  The programme is evidence based and aims to reduce the likelihood of accidents re-occurring by the introduction of suitable engineering measures."

The programme includes the following schemes:  

  • B8020 from A904 to Winchburgh
  • B7015 Gavieside Road junction with Happy Velley Road
  • A89 junction with the roundabout at east access to Tesco Depot
  • B7002 Whitburn Road, Bathgate junction A801 Boghead Roundabout
  • Howden East Road at the junction with Howden West Road, Livingston
  • Almondvale Boulevard at the junction with Terrace Roundabout
  • B792 Blackburn Road junction at Wester Inch Roundabout
  • A7066 junction A801 Boghead Roundabout
  • B7008 from West Calder to the A70
  • A803 Blackness Road junction M9 eastbound on slip road
  • B8020 north Greendykes Road bend 370m east of junction with the U17
  • The A904 junction with the B8046
  • George Place junction with Union Road, Bathgate
  • B792 junction of Marjoribanks Street and Hopetoun Street, Bathgate
  • A899 West main Street junction, Clarkson Road, Broxburn

View or Download the Accident Investigation and Prevention (AIP) Casualty Reduction Programme 2021/22