30 July
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Registered voters will have received their poll cards, detailing their local polling station. 

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm. Arrangements will be in place to help ensure polling stations meet strict health and safety standards for those who wish to vote in person.

Risk assessments have been completed for all polling stations and all measures have been implemented in accordance with public health guidance, national guidance on running elections from national agencies (Electoral Management Board and Electoral Commission) and in keeping with national/local COVID restrictions.

Enhanced cleaning will be taking place before, during and after the poll in accordance with the latest public health guidance.

Physical distancing will be in place at all polling stations and the number of voters allowed inside will be monitored and managed at all times. The wearing of face coverings is required inside polling venues (other than for those with medical or health reasons to prevent them doing so).

There is a chance that voters may have to queue outside for a short period upon arrival.  

You do not need to take your polling card with you to vote, but it will make it easier for the polling staff to locate you on the Electoral Register.

Single use pencils will be available for voters to use at the polling stations. Alternatively, voters are allowed to bring their own pen/pencil to use to mark their vote.

Sanitisation stations will be placed at the entrance to each polling stations. Voters are asked to please make use of these when they are entering and exiting the area. 

Once you have received your ballot paper, please follow the instructions on it carefully.

As this is a council by-election, only one candidate will be elected.  For this election, voters are asked to vote by numbers. 

The ballot paper will list all of the candidates standing in this election.  Voters are asked to number the candidates in order of preference and they can vote for as many or as few as they wish.  For example, voters should mark a 1 against their favourite, a 2 against their second favourite, and so on.  Voters wishing to vote for one candidate only should mark a 1 next to the candidate on the ballot paper. 

Postal votes have been issued, so please carefully follow the instructions included and return your postal vote as soon as possible.

If you have COVID symptoms or are self-isolating then you should not enter, there are alternative ways to vote. If you cannot vote in person because you are following medical or public heath guidance about COVID then you can make an emergency application to let someone else for you.

Postal voters are encouraged to complete and return their voting forms as early as possible while following the instructions which were issued alongside their voting forms.

For more information including details of where to vote please visit: https://www.westlothian.gov.uk/east-livingston-east-calder-by-election