24 August
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Council Executive have approved a response to Transport Scotland's Workplace Parking Licensing and Guidance confirming the council's position on the issue.

The council agreed in 2019 not to introduce a Workplace Parking Levy (WPL) scheme, due to the negative impact it would have on local businesses and employees.

If approved, the proposals would see councils given the powers to implement WPL scheme in their area, if they felt they were appropriate. These are expected to be cities and urban areas, where the benefits of encouraging sustainable transport, reducing congestion and emissions and improving air quality would have the greatest impact.

The consultation response provided to Transport Scotland also gives constructive feedback on how any potential WPL schemes could be administered.

Council Leader Lawrence Fitzpatrick said: "We believe that introducing a Workplace Parking Levy would have a severe financial impact on West Lothian workers and businesses. 

"Our response to Transport Scotland confirms we have no plans to introduce such as scheme in West Lothian.

"Whilst we agree with the many of the wider aims of this scheme, such as the need to promote sustainable transport and tackle air pollution, we do not believe a WPL would be beneficial for West Lothian."