01 September
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A meeting of the full West Lothian Council unanimously voted to approved the new Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils in West Lothian.

Minor revisions have been made to a number of community council boundaries, while two amalgamations have taken place to create both Deans and Carmondean Community Council and Breich, Addiewell and Loganlea Community Council.

Community council office bearers will be limited to eight years in post, unless there are exceptional circumstances, and there is still no limit on how long someone can serve on a community council. 

The new scheme also clarifies the arrangements for elections and spending annual grants.

Three rounds of public consultation have been carried out on the proposals, with the new scheme in place in time to allow new community councils to be set up in October 2021.

A West Lothian Council spokesperson said: "Thanks to everyone who has helped with the new scheme for establishing community councils.

"The updated rules reflect the requirements of both the council and community councils going forward." 

Councillors also voted to record a note of thanks for the council's Community Council Liaison Officer, Lorraine McGrorty, for all her efforts in working closely with and supporting West Lothian Community Councils.