09 September
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The decision to introduce the speed limit on the roundabout and immediate approaches was made at a meeting of West Lothian Council Executive earlier this week.  Councillors agreed with council officer recommendations that the roundabout was a site of concern in the council's annual, Accident Investigation Programme for 2021/2022.

A report brought to the committee by officers noted that the A801 Boghead Roundabout is currently subject to a de-restricted national speed limit of 60mph. The six roads served by this junction are rural in nature, however there are two roads that are currently subject to lower speed limits. The A7066 is subject to a speed limit of 50mph and B792 is subject to a speed limit of 40mph.

Following investigation by council officers, the report recommended that a formal statutory process be initiated to set the speed limit at 40mph on the A801 at Boghead Roundabout with the view that this will contribute to providing a safer environment for all road users.

The report noted that Police Scotland had indicated their approval for this proposal.

Council Executive approved the terms of the report and a formal statutory consultation period will be undertaken with relevant stakeholders in due course.

Executive councillor for the environment, Tom Conn said: "Concerns had been raised around the roundabout in question following a number of separate incidents. Following due process, it has been recommended that the speed limit be set at 40mph in the hope that this will help reduce accident frequency and severity in the area and make the roundabout and surrounding roads safer for all users.

"The statutory process will be initiated with a view to formally introducing the new 40mph speed limit."