17 September
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Improvement works and inspections are being carried out to properties at Burns Avenue, Armadale.

The programme relates to structural inspections of non-traditional construction which have already been carried out at similar properties within the area.

Work will include the strengthening of the concrete stitching to the primary beams which are located in the centre of properties. Tenants have been informed that the work and checks required may result in some tenants having to be decanted into other properties within the same street whilst works take place.


Marjory Mackie, Interim Head of Housing Customer and Building Services, said:

"Extensive repairs may not be required in every property but we will not know the extent of the work until a full assessment is carried out at all the properties. The level of disruption to tenants is likely to be varied but we certainly hope that the impact on tenants is kept to a minimal.

"We fully appreciate that these necessary works may cause disruption and upheaval for tenants and further discussions with tenants will take place, particularly if some do need to move into temporary accommodation in a nearby property. We'd hope that the works within individual properties can be completed within a 12-16-week timeframe however some properties may require more or less work than others.

"Whilst the structural works are undertaken at these properties, the council will also undertake any other upgrades required to your property that may be required, for example central heating upgrades, kitchen and/or floor replacements, decoration of affected areas and any floor coverings which cannot be re-fitted as a result of works being carried out.

"Our team are happy to discuss any of the issues with tenants and contact details are included in the letter that has been sent to all tenants affected, as is an FAQ, which we hope is useful."

The project overall will take approximately two years to complete. The council has confirmed that staff will be in touch with tenants in advance of works being carried out on your home to discuss and agree the specific works and timescales.