20 September
Smoke Alarm

Every home in Scotland must have interlinked smoke alarms by February 2022 (opens new window).

As a result, it's expected that there will be an increase in the number of old smoke alarms residents want to dispose of.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is made from valuable materials which can be recycled but - in some cases - contain hazardous materials which need to be treated properly.

The good news is that the old smoke detectors can be disposed of safely in the small mixed WEEE containers at West Lothian's Recycling Centres. These WEEE containers/skips are located within all of West Lothian's Recycling Centres and are clearly marked for small electrical items. If you are not sure where to place them, please ask a member of staff onsite.

Gillian Wilson, West Lothian Council's Contracts & Resources Manager said: "It is very important that old smoke detectors are not thrown into household bins, but are placed into the WEEE containers at our Recycling Centres so they can be recycled responsibly.

"If you have old electrical and electronic items sitting in cupboards, drawers, your attic or your garage - don't throw them in the bin.

"Think about passing them on to family or friends, reselling them or giving them to a reuse organisation. If they can't be reused or resold, taking them to a local Recycling Centre can help protect the environment and preserve our natural resources."

Waste from businesses is not accepted at West Lothian's Recycling Centres.