11 November
HSCP staff holding a banner appealing for people to come and work with them

Staff from West Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership (WLHSCP) are looking for people to come forward to join them in a rewarding career in social care.
The WLHSCP are recruiting for a number of positions right now, and offering competitive salaries, flexible working hours and the chance to work in your local area and make a difference to people's lives. 
The jobs are permanent with access to a good pension scheme, and no previous experience or qualifications are required, as the WLHSCP will put you through any qualifications necessary.  To apply, visit www.westlothianhscp.org.uk/jobs
Staff from Limecroft Care Home in Livingston and Whitdale Care Home in Whitburn joined with colleagues from the Support at Home service to encourage more people to consider if they have what it takes to care for West Lothian residents in need of support.
Diane and Louise, who work in Re-ablement with the Support at Home service, said: "We love our job and the fact we can make a real positive difference to people's lives.
"There's a huge sense of job satisfaction when we work with people to help them get their independence back. They really appreciate the work we do for them and we get to meet and help new people all the time."
Care workers Chantelle and June from Whitdale Care Home said: "It's a real privilege to care for West Lothian's older people, to help make sure they are happy and enjoying life.
"You get a real passion for care working here, as you know your work can directly improve someone's quality of life."
 Caitlin and Dawn from Limecroft Care Home added: "We can make the lives of older people in West Lothian better, by offering good 24-hour care when people can no longer live at home.
"It's great getting to know all the residents too, hearing their stories and fascinating life experiences, and having a positive effect on their lives."