18 November
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Members of the council's Environment Policy and Development Scrutiny Panel backed proposals for a new two-month long consultation on whether some or all of the Spaces for People measures should be retained.

Spaces for People is a Scottish Government scheme that provided funding for local authorities to promote safe travel for those who walk, cycle or wheel. The tight timescales to apply for funding and the ongoing lockdown during Spring 2020 limited opportunities to engage with residents at the time.

Measures introduced included temporarily reducing speed limits to either 20 or 40 mph, widening footways, suspending parking and introducing new cycle lanes. 

The consultation will launch in 1 December 2021 and be open until the end of January 2022, with the results of reported to a meeting of the full West Lothian Council in March 2022. 

Executive councillor for the Environment Tom Conn said: "I welcome this new and extended consultation on whether we retain all, some or none of the Spaces for People measures introduced last year.

"The idea of Spaces for People was to help create safer spaces for those not in vehicles, and encourage us all to be more active. 

"Some measures have already been removed and we would like to hear from members of the public and interested groups on their views on the rest of the measures currently in place.

"I hope as many residents will take part in the consultation when it launches next month and share their views on whether they would like to see Spaces for People measures retained or removed."