30 December
bin collection updates

Residents affected by this cancellation should present their brown bins on their next scheduled collection date.

We apologise to those who have experienced any disruption to their bin collection over the past week. Our crews have been working to collect all scheduled bins despite the public holidays but there have been some further delays caused by increasing covid related staff absences.

By cancelling the brown bin collection on Friday, our available crews will focus on collecting both blue and grey bins, including those that have been missed from earlier this week. This will enable available crews to clear the backlog this week.  The service cancellation will impact the following communities; Adam Brae, Dedridge, Livingston Village, Seafield, parts of Blackburn and Boghall.

With the exception of those with brown bins due to be collected on Friday, residents are asked to present their bins as normal.

To find your scheduled collection date please refer to your collection calendar or go to Bin Collection Calendar Dates