17 March
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A revised Statement of Principles was agreed by the West Lothian Licensing Board in December 2021, following a consultation process.

The updated version came into effect on 31 January 2022 and whilst it does not contain any significant updates in relation to the Board's functions under the Gambling (Scotland) Act 2005, anyone applying should ensure they read the revised statement in advance.

This is available online at: Gambling Licences and Permits

A West Lothian Licensing Board spokesperson said: "We would recommend that all applicants for gambling licences or permits in West Lothian, read the revised Statement of Principles in advance of applying. 

"Current operators of gambling licences and permits in West Lothian should also ensure they are familiar with the new Statement of Principles."  

The revised Statement has been updated and revised with respect to a number of matters to reflect:
•    Guidance from the Gambling Commission;
•    Developments in gambling law;
•    Topical areas of concern surrounding gambling and matters of concern highlighted in responses to the consultation.