24 May
Provost Cathy Muldoon

Councillor Muldoon is the first female Provost of West Lothian. She has been a councillor since 1999 and lives in Livingston with her family.

Councillor Heggie has been a councillor since 2017 and also lives with his family in Livingston.

Provost Cathy Muldoon said:

"I am delighted to be elected Provost of West Lothian. It is an honour and a privilege and I'm extremely proud to be elected as West Lothian's first ever female Provost.

"I cannot wait to get started in this role and I will carry out my duties as West Lothian's civic head with fairness and courtesy to all."

Depute Provost Peter Heggie
Depute Provost Peter Heggie added:

"It is a real privilege to hold the position of Depute Provost of West Lothian and I'm delighted to have been selected to serve this office. I look forward to representing this great county in the years ahead."