19 August
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The properties are:

  • Bathgate Social Work Centre, Whitburn Road
  • Former Cedarbank School, Ladywell
  • Beatlie School Campus, Livingston

These consist primarily of two main types of property; properties that are no longer required for the delivery of services and/or properties that have been replaced by new facilities.


Bathgate Social Work Centre and the former Cedarbank School will both be marketed for sale or lease with the outcome reported to Council Executive for consideration. Any applications for Community Asset Transfer which maybe received during that process will be fully considered as part of the council's normal procedures. Officers have received a note of interest in the former Cedarbank School from a collaboration of local community groups called the Togetherness Hub.

At an appropriate date, Beatlie School Campus will be redeveloped subject to future consideration and approval by the council.

Leader of West Lothian Council Lawrence Fitzpatrick added: "These properties are no longer required for the delivery of services and can be put to better use. The council is committed to the efficient and effective management of assets to support the delivery of other services and it is important that we look to the future and ensure that our assets provide value and purpose for the communities we serve."