21 November
Stock pic of pre- schoolers

Education Executive have approved revised policies that will ensure parents/carers of eligible children can decide to defer starting Primary 1 for an extra year.
Previously, only children with a January or February birth date who would be four at the start of Primary 1 had the right to an automatic deferral. Parents/carers of children born between August and December could apply for an additional year of ELC if they wished, with every request received in the last two years granted.
The policy change will bring the council into line with Scottish Government legislation that confirms the right to an additional year of funded ELC for pupils from August 2023.
Head of Education for Primary, Early Years and Resources, Greg Welsh said: "All West Lothian parents/carers whose children have not turned 5 at the start of the school year now have the legal right to defer their child starting Primary 1 for an additional year if they wish.  
"In practice, this has already been happening for a number of years and this policy change formalises the arrangements.
"Deciding to defer their child starting Primary school for a year is a big decision for parents/carers. Our school and ELC staff are always available to offer advice and support on whether a child might benefit from an additional year of pre-school."