21 November
Stock pic of a minibus

News at a glance:

  • This change is necessary as council staff are subject to checks and training to ensure they comply with legislation, and the council could be liable for prosecution if a non-council driver of a vehicle did not have correct licence permissions in place. Consequently, continuing to offer a minibus hire service would risk legal action against the council in the event of an accident.
  • The hire of council minibuses to local community group, such as sports, uniformed or older people's organisations, was put on hold in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic
  • Alternative solutions are being investigated

Council Executive voted recently to confirm the service would stop permanently.

Head of Operational Services Jim Jack said: "Unfortunately we are no longer able to help community organisations with the hire of council minibuses.

"The service has not been operating for over two and a half years, and the risks raised by our review makes it clear that reinstating it is not a viable option.  

"Alternative solutions are being investigated, such putting in place a community benefit contract with local minibus companies which would allow reduced cost hires for community organisations."