16 December
festive essentials

Over 250 bags of toiletries and other essential items have been put together and will be on their way to West Lothian Foodbank thanks to the generosity of West Lothian residents and local business Owners Raj from First Shop Camps Rigg and Malik Munir from West Calder who have supported the campaign by donating essential items to help households this Christmas. 

West Lothian Council holds its Festive Essentials campaign on an annual basis in partnership with West Lothian Foodbank. The campaign aims to provide every adult who accesses a Foodbank in West Lothian over the festive period with a goodie bag filled with toiletries.

Leader of West Lothian Council, Lawrence Fitzpatrick said: "Thank you to each and every individual, school and business who donated for the festive essentials campaign this year. Donations have been terrific this year especially in light of the ongoing cost of living crisis. It is always heartening to witness the generosity of the West Lothian community.

"Thanks also to the pupils of Bellsquarry Primary school who assisted myself and staff from the Council's Advice Shop to ensure each and every donated item was accounted for and on its way to West Lothian Foodbank."