21 December
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Nine properties have RACC roof planks present. Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) often referred to as Siporex is a lightweight construction material that was commonly used in construction between 1960s and the 1980s. The Institute of Structural Engineers in February 2022 provided further guidance confirm that the inspection regime and protocol that Engineers must follow which the council has implemented.

Donald Forrest, Head of Finance and Property Services said: "We can assure the council and parents that we fully comply with relevant guidance and we always prioritise the health and safety of building users at all times.

"We continue to implement a comprehensive approach in relation to RACC within our properties. Our report confirms that the condition of these roofs can change and emphasises the need for the continued close monitoring  in accordance with the national guidance provided.

"Stabilisation and remedial roof works are being progressed where applicable with further inspections ongoing at St Kentigern's Academy, and Windyknowe, Knightsridge and Balbardie Primaries. Upon completion of these detailed inspections, officers will prepare options that will be reported to the Council Executive for consideration."

A small percentage of council properties have been identified as having RACC roof planks. The report highlighted nine properties where RAAC roofs were identified and provided an update on each property:

  • Knightsridge Primary School - The school was closed in November with pupils decanted to other nearby schools. A contractor has been appointed and work is underway to assess what remedial work is required
  • St Kentigern's Academy, Blackburn - Detailed inspections are ongoing across the full extent of the roof planks following the closure of the dining, kitchen and a CDT classroom due to signs of recent water ingress. Upon completion of the inspections, an options appraisal will be developed
  • Windyknowe Primary - some deterioration has occurred in parts of the roof in the nursery toilet area. These areas remain closed. Work is underway to further carry out necessary repair works
  • Riverside Primary School - stabilisation works undertaken with further work required. A bid to the Scottish Government has been submitted to create a new primary school to replace Riverside Primary
  • Fauldhouse Partnership Centre - Replacement roof works are currently being designed and an anticipated start date for works is early Spring
  • Balbardie Primary School - Stabilisation works undertaken in 2021 with the replacement roof due to commence in Summer 2023. Some areas of the school are closed but all pupils are accommodated within the school.  
  • The Lanthorn Centre - replacement roof works are under construction with completion due late 2023
  • Whitburn Community Education Centre - replacement roof works are under construction with completion due in Spring 2023
  • Stoneyburn Community Centre - Routine inspections are being carried out but there is no need for remedial works at this stage